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About Beat Generator

Beat Generator aims to bring high quality touring bands to Dundee and Tayside. 

We are passionate about gigs and work hard to make the Dundee area a vibrant, happening cultural area of creativity. 

We offer local acts the opportunity to fulfil their potential and gain experience by inviting them to support some of high profile touring bands. 

As one of the key promoters in the north of Scotland, we aim to provide the regular gig – goers with a full programme of gigs ranging from indie, punk, folk, metal and contemporary music.


Over the years Beat Generator have played host to many fantastic shows in both Dundee and Arbroath promoting in such venues as The Reading Rooms, Fat Sams, The Westport Bar, The Viewfield Hotel.

Among the many bands who we have promoted in Dundee over the years they include Biffy Clyro, Franz Ferdinand, Kaiser Chiefs, The Futureheads, The Editors, The Ordinary Boys, Hundred Reasons, The Cribs, The Music, Mylo, The Subways, Brendan Benson, Kasabian, Ash, Frank Black, Supergrass, Oasis, Buzzcocks, The Rezillos and many, others.

We have also promoted some legendary shows at Arbroath's Viewfield Hotel with bands such as Fastlane, Adequate Seven, Captain Everything!, Caffeine, R.X Bandits, The Suffrajets, Mendeed , No Comply, The Fratellis, Capdown, Hell is For Heroes, and The Freaks Union.

Beat Generator Fanzine

The fanzine Beat Generator was launched in early 1993 with the aim of providing a good, well rounded account of the local Dundee music scene.

Much of the content of the 'zine consisted of local gig reviews, demo tape reviews and a gossip column to discuss the on goings happenings with local bands.

Every copy of the fanzine was distributed free of charge around the pubs and shops in Dundee-the costs of printing were covered by a few shops and pubs who took out regular adverts .considerable fun was had running the 'zine and running around at the last minute with new features before going to the printers for publication.

From the start of the first issue, we never considered ourselves budding journalists - part of the fun was that it didn't really matter if there was spelling mistakes as we were operating on a D.I.Y basis
We hope to be publishing some long lost archives soon which will be of particular interest to those involved in the Dundee scene in the early 1990s. Enjoy your walk down memory lane.

Fast Eddie and Matt Vinyl

The name Matt Vinyl came from the Edinburgh punk band Matt Vinyl and the Decorators - a fantastic punk band who left a lasting impression us. Fast Eddie wrote under the pseudonym Taxman back in the day.

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